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Journal Response

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Where is She?


The footprints in the snow suddenly ended.  This made Aaron sad.  He has been following the footprints an hour ago hoping that he could bring Krystel back to their home.  Upon seeing that there are no longer footprints to follow, it came to his mind that Krystel used the sled and went to the highway and took the bus going to city proper.  Aaron looked afar imagining where his younger sister could have been by now.  After few minutes of standing the lonely boy went back home thinking how he would tell the matter to their parents.


Krystel went away because they had an argument with each other. They argued because they cannot play in the ice anymore.   It was Krystel who started the fight when Aaron reminded her not to go far away from him due to the fact that the place is quite dangerous especially for them who are still new in the place.  But it was a small issue and there’s no reason for his sister to get angry.  He’s just concerned about their safety.  Aaron went home after the fight and left Krystel.  He did not mention anything to his parents; quietly went to his room and played his playstation.   Later on Krystel arrived and directly went to her room.  She did not join her family during dinner and pretended that she was sick.  Aaron felt guilty and went to his sister’s room upon seeing that their parents have already gone to bed.  Aaron apologized to Krystel for what had happened, but she did not forgive him.   He left his sister’s room hoping that the next day would be a better time to talk to her again.


The next day, Aaron was awakened by his parents’ commotion.  They’ve found out that Krystel was not at home and a letter was seen in her room telling them that she would go somewhere else.  Aaron could not believe that she would do this because she’s so young to think about running away.  He joined his parents in searching for her in the house, in the garage, in the neighborhood but she is nowhere to be found.  Finally, Aaron decided to go back to the place where he and Krystel had a fight.  She could be there playing by herself, enjoying the snow and ski up and down the mountain.  Aaro9n decided that he would go there.  However, he was not able to inform his parents where he would go because they went to the police station. 


While going to that place, Aaron was reminded again of the fight that happened to them.  He was so concerned about his sister, so scared about her whereabouts.  Something might happened to her and he cannot forgive himself if his sister would not go back home.  When he arrived in the place, nobody was there.  It was so quiet and the cold and hustling wind made him more scared.  Then he found some footprints which he eagerly followed hoping that these footprints belonged to her sister.  But then the footprints disappeared which made him puzzled.  Where could she be? 



Eid break

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No pictures during this short break






The picture above shows me with my brother Aaron and baby sister Ara.  The baby got most of my time during the holidays.  You know, Ramadan holiday was what I was looking forward before which I consider a break for me where I could rest and do what I wanted to do.  But then, it was the opposite of what I was expecting because of so many things which I needed to accomplish like doing household chores, finishing my assignments and book reading.  Most of the time I did babysitting because my mother was so busy at home.  Sometimes I got bored of just looking at my baby sitter but what else can I do?  My mother has no one to call except me because I am the eldest.  I could only rest and study or play a little when my mother has already done her work or if the baby is asleep.  Aside from this, I did my assignments and it took time for me especially this writings which are quite hard to do.  Actually I need to learn more in English not only in writing but in reading because I am not yet good here. 


However, the start of the holidays gave me time to have fun with my friends.  This happened when we went to Al Rayis to catch crabs and do fishing.  I went there with my father, brother and friends.  During midnight, my friends and I played “Bente Uno,” a Filipino game. We even enjoyed eating some grilled fished and drinking soft drinks.  We arrived home at three o’clock in the morning.  I enjoyed that night though I was so tired. The next days, I just stayed home doing the babysitting, watching television and listening to music. We also practiced our presentation in a Filipino gathering or fellowship.  There was also time I went to my friends’ house, played and watched television and simply enjoyed their company.  Of course, playing in the computer and chatting were done in the evening when everybody was asleep which is my only time to do them because my younger brother usually uses the computer during the day.

No good news for AIG

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After three quarters of staggering housing-related losses, worries are mounting that American International Group‘s troubles are larger than Wall Street expected. And if that’s not bad enough, its misfortunes dragged down the entire insurance sector for the day.


On Monday, Credit Suisse analyst Thomas Gallagher said AIG’s credit default swap portfolio “makes it one of the most exposed names to recent credit deterioration.” He estimated losses from the insurance company’s financial-products division will reach $6.5 billion during the third quarter, compared with his prior estimate of $2.6 billion.


With this news coming from the internet, my father at present is quite worried about his investments in Philippine-American Life Insurance Company which is under the American International Group or AIG.  Most of his saving are with Philam Life in the form of life insurance, dollar and peso savings and educational plan for me, my brother and my sister.  Like other people who have invested their resources, he also would like to go back to the Philippines to withdraw his investments.  At this time he has no trust in insurance companies.  Before he thought that AIG was an established company and will not suffer loss but then he was wrong. 


My father is a good manager when it comes to financial resources.  He sees to it that he manages his resources well because they are given by God.  He is faithful in giving tithes, then he sets aside money for our expenses and then save the remaining amount for our future.  He came from a poor family and an Ilocano who is known for being thrifty, that’s why he gave us allowance only every month not like before he is giving some money after we finish our jobs like cleaning the house and car and he gives some big amount of money. 


With what is happening in insurance companies now, he worries about our education.  Most of his savings are for our future.  Of course, I’m also thinking about it because from this investment, we shall get the expenses for our college education in the Philippines.  And as the eldest in the family, I am also concerned with my younger brother and sister.  What if something happened to my parents, where shall we get money?


I hope this problem will soon be solved so that people like us who have invested a lot will not really be affected.  I do not want our resources go to nothing.






famous person

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Earl Klugh













I want to meet him because he is good in guitar. He doesn’t play heavy metal but jazz and slow rock music like Calypso, Balladina, and Christina. They are cool and interesting and his songs are for people who is some kind of happy and lonely.


At the age of thirteen, Earl started to play the guitar and the first music he played was that of Chet Atkins. One time, when Chet Atkins had a concert, he was one of the guests, where he played some of Atkins’ music. Earl Klugh began to join Chet Atkins and then they created an album entitled “Magic in Your Eyes.”  Earl was also influenced by other guitarists like Bob James and Ray Parker.  That time, he started to like being a jazz player. At the age of 15, he became a guitar instructor and was discovered by a certain black man. Earl became famous when he did some concerts together with his band. Earl Klugh from now is an solo artist.


A letter from John Mclaren sent to Thomas Breitling

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A letter from John Mclaren sent to Thomas Breitling







September 27, 1642






Dear Thomas,


Hi! How you doin’? Sorry, I forgot to send you a letter in almost eight years now.  But anyway, here I am now writing a letter for you.  I hope to receive one from you, too.


Our life here in the colony is very difficult because we transferred from England to America and our location here is just north of Virginia in the Chesapeake bay.  I was one of those nearly 200 people who landed here on September 10, 1634.  Most of us are Catholics so it’s better compared there in  England where life became difficult because of persecutions from the Church.  You know, we were not allowed to worship freely so my family and I decided to go to America despite of risks and unknown future.  


By the way, the place is good though difficult.  There are other colonists here and those who came from Jamestown helped us earn a living. Most of us planted tobacco for profit and we raised corn, cattle and hogs. It’s good for at least we can eat three times a day.


Most of us were men and there were only few families when we started this colony.  I forgot to tell you that we name the colony, Maryland, in honor of the Queen of England, Henrietta Maria.


At the start of living here, we were able to do what we want when it comes to our Catholic faith.  However, two years ago, Protestants began moving here.  Religion again became an issue.  I hope this will be solved or else it will soon be like the place we left.  We prayed for religious freedom when we were still there in England and God granted it that’s why we are here. We are again praying that this religious conflict be settled once and for all.  I heard that there are people who are working to reduce this tension, one of them is Lord Baltimore.  Do you know him?  Have you met him before?


Please continue to pray for us here.  Let’s hope that Maryland will soon be improved and become a model community for other settlers here.


This is all for now.  See you after five years.  My family is planning to visit the relatives there.  Have a nice day  and say the same thing to our friends and fellow Catholics there.  Don’t be worry about me and my family, we are all fine here!


God bless you…


Your brother,





















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Christopher John V. Carino



Comparison of Religion


Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia


Massachusetts Bay Colony                              


1.      Puritan colonists hoped to have the freedom to practice their religion freely. They escaped persecution from church leadership and the King so they came to America.  In Winthrop’s speech, it reflected the Puritan’s belief that they had made covenant with God.


Escaping persecutions also happened to Muhammad, the prophet, when he went to Madinah from Makkah to escape the persecutions from people whom he shared his beliefs.  He then became the founder of Islam and claimed that he and his followers made a covenant with Allah ( God)


2.      Politics and religion were closely linked in Puritan New England where government leaders are also church members.  Although ministers were not political officials, they often had a great deal of power in Puritan communities.


In Saudi Arabia, the type of government is monarchy but at the same time it is theocracy wherein religion plays an important part in its government.  The religious priests “ mutawa” though not government leaders, have a say and could dictate what the government should do.


3.      Male church members were the only colonists who could vote.


Saudi Arabia, with its Islam religion, considers men to be of authority.  We usually see men doing a lot of things while women are left behind and they are just given the responsibility to work at home.  Most of the time women are discriminated.


4.      Colonists became full members in the church becoming what the Puritans called God’s “elect” or chosen.  Reaching this status was a difficult process.  Individuals had to pass a public test to prove that their faith was strong.


Being a Moslem in Saudi Arabia would mean passing a test too, though it’s not tough.  Seminars, teachings of doctrines are done for those who would like to be converted.  Moslems also consider themselves as the “chosen” ones or the “ elect.”


5.      People of opposing theological views were asked to leave the community or to be converted.


The same is true in Saudi Arabia wherein Christianity is not allowed publicly.  Those who are seen practicing this faith are being imprisoned or deported while others are beheaded.


There are also differences when it comes to religion.  Islam is the religion being practiced in Saudi Arabia wherein Muhammad the prophet is considered the chosen one and Koran is considered the holy book while in Massachusetts Bay Colony, it is Protestantism and the Bible is considered the Word of God.


Though Puritan women were not given the right to vote, discrimination is not that tough compared to Saudi women who are very much discriminated.


Puritans in Massachusetts Bay Colony are strict or disciplined when it comes to religion but I think they are more considerate when it comes to people who practice different religion unlike in Saudi wherein “mutawas” are very much strict, inconsiderate and unreasonable.

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